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Lose pound after pound while eating steak, eggs, tacos, pasta. pizza, and even ice cream! SAVE 25% plus get FREE Shipping!The doctor's NO-DIET, NO-WORKOUT prescription to lose your gut! More effective than running 35 miles a week! No counting calories! No feeling hungry! Exclusive online-only offer! SAVE 25% and get a free gift!
Yes, that’s hard to believe, but ask yourself this one question: Why is it that in recent years, when America’s obsession with diets and workouts is at an all-time high, the rate at which we’re becoming fatter is also at an all-time high?
The answer to this critical question is spelled out with dramatic clarity in the breakthrough new book The Lean Belly Prescription, by Travis Stork, MD.
“The Easiest Weight Loss Plan Ever!”
His six-week plan is a radical new approach to lose that belly, without any need for long workouts, miles of running, or strict, unnatural diets that have probably failed you in the past.

And his plan is not some crazy theory; it?s backed by rock-solid research showing that traditional ways to lose weight are just plain wrong. Everything you should do to lose 10, 20, 30, or more pounds, and exactly how, is in The Lean Belly Prescription. And you can try it RISK FREE, right HERE!
Order The Lean Belly Prescription Now!
Author Travis Stork, MD, is cohost of TV’s The Doctors and a physician at Vanderbilt Medical Center.
Lose more weight with less effort!
Order The Lean Belly Prescription Now! Order The Lean Belly Prescription Now! Get past the idea that you need to torture yourself to get thin, and listen to what you can accomplish with these science-backed, doctor-designed techniques in The Lean Belly Prescription:
Burn more calories every week than a guy who runs 5 miles a day, 7 days a week!
And do it with easy, casual activities as simple as walking around the office or house. Hard to believe, but tested by university research! Get the exact how-to in The Lean Belly Prescription and shed major fat without breaking a serious sweat!
Instead of worrying about how much you eat, make this one change in how you eat and you could drop 20 pounds of flab!
This technique is simple, easy, and not in any way awkward. No one will notice until later, when they ask how you slimmed down so much! Check out this amazing flab buster on page 124 of The Lean Belly Prescription. Order NOW!

Drink a couple glasses of this refreshing beverage every day and burn off nearly 200 additional calories a day! See page 39 of The Lean Belly Prescription for the research! SAVE 25% plus get FREE shipping!

When you watch TV can make a huge difference in your weight loss progress! Follow the tip on page 48 of The Lean Belly Prescription and you could lose nearly a pound a week!

Want to prevent gaining an extra 7 pounds a year with zero effort? Use the little trick on page 33 while commuting to work and it?ll happen, according to research! Involves no exercise and is not distracting, yet university research says this effortless trick can burn up 24,000 calories a year!

ALSO EASY: Giving The Lean Belly Prescription a chance to work for you!
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Sleep off your belly!
Failing to get the proper amount of sleep is one of the most unrecognized causes of the obesity epidemic!

A Stanford University study of a thousand people found that those who slept less than a full 8 hours a night had lower levels of a hormone that controls appetite and higher levels of a hormone that increases appetite. They also had — no surprise — more body fat!

This one change could get you past your weight problem!

The Lean Belly Prescription is loaded with science-based tips like this to help you lose weight with the least effort. Order NOW!
Tighten your belt with "Aroma-cise"!
  Chilling your appetite — especially for impulse eating — is a major help in dropping pounds and inches. A great way to do this is to simply sniff a certain herbal fragrance.

Test participants in a scientific experiment ate 2,700 fewer calories a week using aromatherapy — nearly enough to lose a pound a week!

Theory: This particular scent soothes stress and lowers cortisol, the stress hormone that leads to overeating. Check it out on page 34 and try it yourself with your RISK-FREE copy of The Lean Belly Prescription!

Order The Lean Belly Prescription Now! SAVE 25% plus get FREE Shipping! Enjoy a sexier, healthier, (and longer) future with The Lean Belly Prescription!
The benefits waiting for you with this plan to flatten your belly are, modestly put, awesome. Guys with flat bellies, compared to those who are obese, have:

MORE APPEAL TO WOMEN, because women are instinctively attracted to a healthy physique and nothing says “health” more dramatically than a flat, sexy stomach!

SUPERIOR SEXUAL POTENCY and the increased vitality to live as many as 10 years longer to enjoy it!
  PROBABLY THE SINGLE BEST THING YOU CAN DO TO PROTECT YOUR HEALTH! A much lower risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and more!

MORE ENERGY, MORE CONFIDENCE, and maybe even a higher salary!
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